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ArchLove Magazine offers some types of advertising proposals:
AD spaces on the magazine:
. 1 full page
. 2 full page spread
. Half page
. 1 small ad box (logo and/or banner + website + email)
. 1 small ad box (logo and/or banner + short text + website + email)

Personlized adv plan (on request)

Ghost Writer service

Related publishing of personal adv into ArchLove Magazine and other correlated VIVA magazines (Viva Vincenzo Viva, Gourmet Foods and Gift Baskets)

And thanks to ZenCaos&EtroM we can offer these other services: Visual for social platforms / Website layout / Photo shooting / Video presentations / Advertising campaigns / Press office / Brand design / Business cards / Letterhead / Brochures / Illustrations for editorial projects / Cd and dvd artwork / Layout for books and catalogs / Personalization of merchandise / Flyers, Poster, Calendars and many more.

2 full page spread
2 full page spread
2 full page spread

ArchLove Magazine is part of the VINCENZO VIVA SALES LLC GROUP (USA), distributed and produced by EtroMirroR Ed./Ed.Musicali and in collaboration with ZenCaos Creative (from Italy)

ArchLove Magazine has three place of business: USA / Italy / China.

ArchLove Magazine is free online and paper distributed all over the world.

ArchLove Magazine is also in partnership with Viva Vincenzo Viva (fashion magazine), Gourmet Foods and Gift Baskets (food magazine) and Voci d'Italia Gazette (Social-cultural-political magazine dedicated to Italian-Americans).

For any information

Marica Petti (director, manager, coordinator)
WhatsApp +39 3925342077
Telegram @EtroM_MirroR
Skipe Marica Petti - e-mail
Wechat ID wxi_0kd665a99ylm22 - nome ArchLove

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